Minutes and Notes

October Meeting Notes
October 24, 6-8 PM                                   Wild Birds Unlimited, 2285 S Oneida St
Hosts: Lynn and Pete Allard
Landscaping for Birds
Thanks you to Business member, Nancy Paul at Wild Birds Unlimited for opening the store for our October meeting. Jason Petrella, Brown County Parks Program and Natural Resource Coordinator
discussed plants and shrubs and other information important to know for attracting birds to your yard. Look for a handout on Wisconsin's Best Native Plants for Attracting Birds by clicking here

September  Meeting Notes
September 18 5PM                     UWGB Arboretum

Members enjoyed a pleasant evening shared with the Door Peninsula Wild Ones  for a tour of the Keith White Prairie on the UWGB Campus.   Bobbie Webster, from the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity explained the history of the project, followed by a walking tour of the area. We were joined by Jay Watson, DNR and Reena Bowman USFWS who spoke about the Bumble Bee Brigade, a citizen science opportunity to study and support our endangered bees.  After the hike we stopped for dinner at Smokey Ridge BBQ. Thanks to Door County for inviting us!

August Plant Sale
August 18, 2018         10-2 Stone Silo Prairie Gardens

Another great plant sale in the books! Thanks to all who helped or came out to by plants! Special thanks to Justin and Tina for turning over their sales to us for the day. The day could not have been better with great weather, great exhibitors and lots of native plants out the door to new homes. 
Roxy Kallatsa, from Blue Horse Designs did a great job explaining her native plant design basics! For help with your gardens contact her at office@bluehorsedesignco.com

August Tour
Thursday,August 30                                  DaVinci School Garden

Jim Lunde gave members a tour of the garden in its early stages of growth. Last year members held a brainstorming session to help with the garden design. It was great to see how the ideas were incorporated in the garden which is guarded by a succulent covered dragon. 

July Yard Tours

Wednesday, July 25                                   Hansen and Hyer Yards
We had great weather and great turnout for two yard tours. Thank you to Lee and Louise Hansen for opening their yard to us. This shady yard has a mixture of native and non natives in gardens in the front and back yards. Natives have been used extensively to replace invasive species along the back lot line. Lynn Hyer's yard is a good example of a newly planted native yard. Lynn shared her progress over several years starting with killing off turf using a large tarp to bring us to the beautiful yard in bloom at present. 

June and July Events
Information tables in the Grand Garden

Members greeted garden visitors on Wednesday evenings in the Grand Garden to provide information about Wild Ones as well as answer questions about the native plants throughout the newly planted Grand Garden 

Saturday, May 19              1:00pm Christa McAuliffe Park
MEETING HOSTS:             N/A
Chapter Business:           
                Membership      Open Position, Please see Ceci if you are interested
Treasurer                            Balance approx. $3,100 at last meeting. 
Social Media and Promotion Please continue to “share” and “like” Wild Ones Facebook page posts. Members only Facebook group is for posting comments, Information and questions for the group.
GBBG Volunteer Opportunities
A person can volunteer on a scheduled work day or on your own, in pairs, or partner with other members.
               Late May/Early June
                              Planting new and existing garden plots
 Weed ‘n Feeds     Wednesday nights
 Wild Ambassador in the Grand Garden
                            Members will have  training and materials will be made available
              Featured WO Tables/Grand Garden Tour
              ** June 20th and July 18th  5:00pm to 8pm
Upcoming Wild One Meetings/Events
          June/July    Yard Tours
          August 18th   WW Plant Sale at Stone Silo
          August TBD   Joint tour w/Door Cty UWGB Keith White Prairie
Member Shout Out
Do you or do you know of a member’s garden that would make for a fun and interesting Garden Tour?
Contact Ceci for details on how to be scheduled for a Wild One’s garden tour.

May Meeting Notes
Wildflower Hike               Kevin Hendricksen, Baird Creek Preservation Foundation
Six WO members and guests hiked the various trails within the park with Kevin explaining not only the wide variety of plant life but sharing the background of how and why the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation(BCPF) came into being. For more information see www.bairdcreek.org. This site also includes trail maps and information on bringing pets to the park.
During our hike we experienced terrain ranging from cedar marsh, dense woods and open prairie. Kevin pointed out restoration projects initiated by BCPF in partnership with the City of Green Bay to preserve the watershed and protect habitat.
A short list of plants observed during our hike: Trout lily, Skunk cabbage, Jack in the Pulpit, Spring Beauty, Marsh marigolds, Trillium and May Apple. Our walk Included, a wide range of trees, shrubs and ferns. Kevin pointed out the various modes of propagation used by woodland and wetland plants and how each plant has evolved to survive in these diverse environments.
Several invasive plants were identified and Kevin explained what the BCPF is doing and how we can contribute to that effort. We ended our hike with a friendly reminder not to allow “hitchhikers” from our clothes or dirt caught in shoes to inadvertently spread unwanted plants or other species.

April 2018 Meeting Notes
Seed Collection and Propagation            Justin Kroening and Pat Kiefer

Justin and Pat explained several different methods for collecting, preparing and storing various native seed types. Samples were provided and attendees could see the variation in different types of native seeds. Each species has a “best” method. There are many websites and books available for handy reference. Seeds may need to be “roughed up” or “scarified”. Sandpaper can be used depending on the size and structure of the seed. Some seed may need to soak overnight to soften the outer cover. All seeds have their own timetable for germination. Many natives must have a winter stratification and will only germinate when the seed dormancy is overcome appropriate for the species of that particular seed. Pat, Justin and several members offered their experiences to the attendees. The transplanting of seedlings, overwintering seedlings and options for cuttings were discussed. The ethics and guidelines for collection and use of Native plants is an important consideration. If you encounter a rare plant or an unfamiliar plant assume it may be rare and refrain from collecting until you can determine the correct identification. Collect seeds or cuttings, never whole plants. Respect the rights of property owners.


The March meeting was held Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 6:30pm Stone Silo Prairie Gardens.
Special thanks to our meeting hosts, Ken Sikora and Jim Schultz, who helped to welcome members and guests who attended the meeting. Let Ceci know if you would like to be a meeting host at a future meeting. Nothing more is needed than a hello and a smile to be a host!
The meeting began with the introduction of new officers and positions. The membership position is open. It’s a good job for someone who likes to use the computer to send emails or who may not be able to attend all meetings but wants to help out. It is an easy and fun job as you get to know new and current members. It requires a just a small amount of time monthly to reach out to new members and remind current members about membership renewals. Contact Ceci if this interests you.

Ceci Kiefer, President                     
Jim Schultz, Vice President
James Havel, Treasurer
Lynne Hyer, Secretary       
Theresa Stinski, Social Media
Charles Schwenk ,Seeds for Education
OPEN, Membership
Treasurer: Recent expenses included the donation to GB Botanical Garden for the Grand Garden Informational signs that were voted on at the last meeting. Cost $1,996.  We received the Quarterly Dues Reimbursement from National (the portion of paid dues that is returned to our chapter) $88.  At this time the balance in our account is approximately $3,100.                                   
Social Media and Promotion Theresa Stinski explained the new website and Facebook page and how it will be better for promoting our chapter and information. On Facebook a page and a group are different from each other and serve different purposes. The Wild Ones page can be found by searching @wildonesgreenbay.  The Chapter FB Group is now private and is one of the benefits of paid membership. It is a place for sharing information, posing questions to other members of the group and planning for members only events. Search for Wild Ones Green Bay Chapter to find it and request to join. The old public group will be phased out and closed at the end of April. All chapter members are encouraged to join the private group. If you are confused or unsure about how to join contact Theresa or Ceci. The chapter webpage has a new address at www.GreenBayWildOnes.org  We will try to keep it updated for information about upcoming meetings and events.

Brown County Garden Coalition Jim Schultz explained the formation and purpose of the coalition. As a group that includes most of the garden related organizations and agencies in the area it hopes to be a resource for area gardeners for information, opportunities and assistance in gardening in general. Jim will continue to represent Wild Ones on the committee. Anyone interested in more information should contact him.
GBBG Collaboration       The funds were sent to the Botanical Garden for four interpretive signs for the Grand Garden. Examples of the signs were shared with the group and will be posted on the webpage. The Green Bay Chapter Wild Ones logo is on each sign. They plan to have them installed this spring. The content covers important subjects such as Why Plant Native, Rain Gardens, Holistic Landscape Design and Ecology vs. Society. Be sure to look for them if you visit the garden this summer. 

Volunteer Opportunities
Botanical Garden
Late April/Early May: Invasive Species Removal, Spring Cleaning
Late May/Early June: Planting new and existing garden plots
June and July: Featured WW Tables/Grand Garden Tour
All summer: Weed ‘n Feed once per month TBD
All Summer: Wild Ambassador in the Grand Garden
Wisconsin School Garden Network
April 5 6pm-8pm: WO will have an info table at GBBG  
Untitledtown Book Festival / Book Fair
April 21-22: Book Fair at Old Fort Square, As part of the Festival held April 19-22 our chapter will sell a selection of books on gardening for pollinators, birds, using natives, etc. Proceeds will benefit our chapter.
**Volunteers needed! Set up Saturday AM at 10, sale shifts Sat/Sun 11-2 and 2-5.  
Member Shout Out
Ken Sikora’s yard is highlighted in WO Best of Journal which was mailed to all members this month.